How to Beat Writer’s Block

The debate is over. Writer’s block exists for a majority of writers according to a new study of 2000 writers published by Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website and writer’s tool.

The survey found that the causes of writer’s block were mainly high expectations, fear of failure and pressure of unrealistic deadlines.

Some writers found that if they thought of their writing like a normal day job they were more likely to work more often without setback.

However, creating fiction is in part inspiration and in part perspiration. If you’re not inspired by what you’re writing, no matter what work ethic you have, giving up and moving on, or just giving up entirely, is seriously tempting.

But the good news is that all the writers in the survey beat their writer’s block though a combination of creative motivation techniques and unorthodox routines.

Stop Procrastinating put the best 25 actionable strategies to beat writer’s block together in an infographic.

From talking to your cat to having a cold shower or doing the West Wing Walk and Talk, the survey resulted in 25 strategies to help writer’s be more creative and motivated about their writing. And it’s all in the beautifully designed infographic below:

Writer's block cure
*Courtesy of: Stop Procrastinating*

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    This post has helped me think things thorugh

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