RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 Episode 1 Recap


I could bore you all with a long, rambling intro but I’ve got a lot to say so how about we get straight to it and break down what went on in episode one of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2? I’m going to come right out and say that this season is already shaping up to be one of the best: a fantastic cast, twists from beginning to end, an hour long episode instead of the cramped forty mins – I LOVE IT.

First to enter the workroom was Katya, looking every inch the Soviet hooker we know and love. I love that her entrance look was an evolved form of her season seven entrance. That eye patch? Everything.

Next up was Detox, serving executive neon realness, and Miss Alyssa Edwards who was…being Alyssa Edwards. There’s no other way to describe her, is there? God, I love her.

Phi Phi’s entrance look was a Riddler cosplay (stunning) and then we said hello to Ginger Minj, who gave us the first tearaway of the season. Next up we had Roxxxy Andrews (SO gorgeous I can’t deal with it). Her coming in and owning up to her attitude in season five was exactly what I wanted. Instead of blaming her bitchiness on shady editing she showed real maturity and I’m so happy to have her back.

Coco Montrese entered the workroom with a Dorito mirror and the best wig of the episode, Alaska came in with a ‘hieeeeeee’ and a gorgeous trash bag dress (plus, rocking Laganja’s boy hair in his confessional) and then we said hello to Tatianna, who looked just as stunning as always. Last up, lovely Adore Delano looking every inch a grunge goddess.

So, we have our All Stars! Time for the reading challenge… For me, Katya stole it, hands down. Who else did a Joslyn Fox *gasp* at the bus stop mention? Oh lawwwd. But she gets away with it because she’s Katya. That said, everyone shone (maybe with the exception of Coco and Phi Phi?) and I can never resent Alaska winning anything. Bravo!

For the main challenge the queens were tasked with taking part in a talent show in front of a live audience and the results were…mixed. Ru, Michelle and Carson were joined by Todrick Hall and Raven Symone and the judging panel felt a little cluttered but maybe I’m just nitpicking. Is Todrick a permanent judge this season? Anyway, my run down of the talent show:

Adore: Meh, which makes me sad to say.

Alyssa: Perfection.

Coco: Pretty but underwhelming.

Detox: Blue Man Group.

Ginger Minj: Am I the only one who didn’t realise Ginger has a really decent voice?

Katya: Bonkers but brilliant.

Phi Phi O’Hara: Why, Phi Phi, why?

Roxxxy: YES! In that moment we were all Detox.

Alaska: Good old-fashioned campy fun. So much love for that wig.

Tatianna: Poetry slam realness.

For the most part I did agree with the judges’ critiques and I was happy to see Tati and Roxxxy in the top two. I might have swapped Detox with Adore to be honest. So the judges sipping cocktails and pondering the wonder of Pork Chop while the queens are backstage trying not to have meltdowns over who to send home…brilliant.

And then we had the lip sync. It was fine. It didn’t blow me away. They’re both great performers but, you know, it was a solid 6/10.

Every queen this season is fierce and deserves to be there, so it’s a shame to see any of them sashay but I think Roxxxy’s choice was fair. Coco could have pulled an amazing dance number out of the bag, and while her routine was beautiful, it was a little lacklustre compared to the others.

Finally, let’s talk about the twists. I love the idea of the lip sync for your legacy with the winner choosing who has to sashay away – and that $10,000 bonus is going to mean nobody slacks off so they don’t have to eliminate a friend! On another note, the budget for this series is crazy: $10,000 per lip sync, $2000 for winning a mini challenge, the top two both getting a prize package, licensing T-Swift for the lip sync! That’s where season seven’s budget went then.

And the second twist – what exactly does that mean? Are things going ANTM style where eliminated queens compete behind the scenes? Is someone being brought back halfway through the season (because that always goes well…)? SHANGELA?

Man oh man, am I happy Drag Race is back. So what did you think? Whose entrance look killed it for you? Do you agree with the elimination? Let me know in the comments!

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