Preparing for the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild

Seriously. We’re one week away and my hype is reaching critical levels. So here are a few things to do to get yourself ready for the imminent release of the Switch and Breath of the Wild.

Get your set up in order

Time to clear off some space in your TV unit because you’re going to have a brand, spanking new console that needs a home. The Switch is relatively diddy compared to other consoles so it won’t take up much room but you better believe I’ve cleared out a cubby hole ready for my new arrival, as well as a spare plug socket.

Now, seating. I plan on becoming one with my sofa in the days (weeks? Let’s be real, months) after  Breath of the Wild arrives and my arm of the sofa is already kitted out with a super soft blanket to keep me warm when I’m playing well into the early hours.

Manage your finances

Seriously, be sensible about it. It’s ridiculously tempting to think you need to pre-order every game, game guide, Amiibo and Switch accessory but take a step back and consider what you actually need on the day of release. Going into your overdraft or racking up a credit card bill just to own everything on launch day is just going to ruin your enjoyment with feelings of guilt and worry about how you’re going to pay it back. The Switch is going to be around for a long time so you don’t need every single accessory on day one.

If you can’t afford to pay for it up front, think very careful about whether you actually need it or if you can wait for another pay cheque or two.

Stretch those legs

I’m going to attempt to keep up my usual gym routine after the Switch comes out but there’s every possibility I’ll be too busy living vicariously through Link to stretch my own legs, which is why I’m putting in extra hours in the gym in the lead up to the launch. I know, I know, a healthy lifestyle is all about consistency but a few extra miles aren’t going to hurt, are they?

Once the Switch does come out, try and get a little bit of fresh air and/or exercise every day. Twenty minutes of yoga in your living room is better than nothing and a quick power walk around the block will help clear your head. Plus, a change of scenery might even help you figure out how to beat that next BOTW shrine.

Stock up

You’d better believe I’m going to head into March 3rd with a fully stocked bag of snacks and drinks set up next to my sofa. Is it slovenly? Probably. Do I care? Not a jot.

Your personal snack preference is yours alone but here are a few of the goodies I’m going to be stockpiling ahead of next Friday (seriously, guys, next Friday. Less than a week. Ahhhh!):

  • M&S pita chips (these are the absolute shit. I need at least eleventy bags)
  • M&S smoked ham and mustard mayo sandwiches
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks (to off-set the pita chips and sandwiches, you see my logic here?)
  • Grilled halloumi
  • Potato waffles
  • Water. All the water
  • Bowls upon bowls of pesto pasta

I mean, aside from the token veggies it’s really going to be a big ole sea of beige and I’m totally okay with that.

I’m sorry organs, let me have my moment off the wagon.

Pass the time

Why do you think I’m writing this blog post? The minutes are dragging, each hour is like a decade and I. Cannot. Wait. Any. Longer. If you’re seriously considered freezing yourself a la Cartman waiting for the Wii, here are just a few ways to pass the time between now and the launch of the Switch:

  • Head to YouTube and watch endless videos of Switch unboxings, BOTW reviews and gameplay, Zelda timelines. And then watch them again.
  • Trawl /r/NintendoSwitch and /r/Breath_of_the_Wild for new posts and links to reviews
  • Finish any existing games you’ve been playing (for me it’s TLOZ: Link to Another World)
  • Binge watch TV and films (I’ll be finishing True Detective and Taboo, followed by Mr Robot and Hannibal)
  • Oh also, I saw a YouTube video that suggested (re)watching Princess Mononoke ahead of the BOTW release. I did yesterday and can confirm it’s definitely a good one to watch in the lead up.
  • Read. And read some more. I’m working my way through the Hyrule Historia at the moment
  • Lament the lack of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 updates. Because where the bloody hell is the super trailer?!

Do a deep clean

Scrub the shower grouting or save Hyrule? I know which I’m going to pick. Household chores are going to be pushed firmly down to the bottom of my list of priorities so I’m taking on a few different cleaning tasks a day between now and the launch to ensure my place is neat and tidy. Giving the bathroom a deep clean might not be the most glamorous way to pass the time but, hey, needs must.

Do some overtime

If there was ever a good time to get your inbox under control and get ahead on professional projects, now’s the time. Not only will it give you some leeway to forget about work while you play, it will also help to pass the time.

Book annual leave

If you haven’t already booked a day or two off of work (or, y’know, decided to take a year long sabbatical), now’s the time. At the risk of making everybody reading this hate me…I have never been more delighted to be my own boss. Friday afternoon off to wait for my pre-order to arrive? Don’t mind if I do.

Bid farewell to your loved ones

Farewell, friends and family, it will be many moons before we speak again.

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