Harry Potter Studio Tour

So as a pre-birthday celebration in December me and my mum visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I’d be wanting to go for ages and it was every bit as wonderful as I thought it’d be! Seeing the film sets come to life in front of me and discovering room after room filled with props and costumes was a fantastic way to spend a day and just made my love for the books and films even stronger.

I took so many photos (almost 400, to be precise…) and it was almost impossible to narrow them down, but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. I’ve decided to split this into two parts, so look out for the next batch of photos next week.HP

It’s so cool to be able to get up close as personal with the authentic costumes from the films, as well as wander about on some of the actual sets – walking into Dumbledore’s Office and the Great Hall were both awesome experiences! Clambering up onto the Knight Bus and sipping a Butterbeer on Privet Drive were up there too as some of my favourite moments!HP1The attention to detail is incredible and it really shines through that everybody involved is a huge fan of the brilliant world JK Rowling created. The audio guide is great (I definitely recommend it, as it’ll make sure you don’t miss anything) and the fact it’s narrated by Tom Felton is a lovely touch.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and, if you haven’t been, I hope this post has inspired you to visit! As I said, tune in next week to see the next lot of pictures!


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