On Sudden Stillness

When you check your client’s marketing analytics and the algorithm gods have smiled on you.

The last three months have been the busiest and perhaps most rewarding of my career. I spent the summer fully booked (well, more than fully booked most days!) with clients both old and new, and anybody else who works for themselves knows how stable it feels to have a chockablock calendar for a few months ahead.

While it was a huge positive career-wise (and financially, of course!) it did mean that I had less and less free time and hobbies (like blogging) took a backseat for a while. I did miss having my evenings to do as I pleased but it was worth it to get my head down and really sink my teeth into some exciting work projects. I learned plenty of new skills, had some great career experiences and was able to book a treat to signal the end of my busiest quarter ever.

And what exactly was that treat? I’m glad you asked! Me and my boyfriend are heading to Malta tomorrow for a two week trip and I. Cannot. Wait. I haven’t actually been abroad for getting on four years, partly because I didn’t want to switch off and leave my business in the early days. I’m now three and a half years into things so I feel confident to leave and take a little break…although getting all of September’s work done in advance has been a *little* stressful at times, but totally worth it to have peace of mind that everything’s going to keep ticking along in my absence. That said, I am going to be checking in on things (briefly, I promise!) while I’m away… praise be for in-room wifi!

Our main reason for visiting Malta is a joint celebration of mine and my boyfriend’s 30th birthdays. He turns 30 while we’re out there and my birthday is the week before Christmas. As we both have milestone birthdays so close together we thought we’d do something special to celebrate.

On a more personal note, this trip feels like a big deal to me for a couple of reasons, and I hope you’ll forgive me some self-indulgence but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve now been fully self-employed for three and a half years (almost to the day, funnily enough) so to be able to pay for a trip like this up front (as well as splurge on a holiday wardrobe because… well, let me live, okay?) made me take a moment to sit back and look at what I’ve achieved over the past few years. I went from someone so completely miserable in her career that she woke up every morning feeling sick at the thought of another day in that job, someone who could barely afford to even get a coffee at the weekends without checking her bank balance first, to someone who’s happy and excited for the future of her career. That’s something I’m grateful for every day.

Secondly, I’ve been working hard on my health and fitness over the past eighteen months. This is something I’ll probably talk about in more detail further down the line, but in short I took a long hard look at my lifestyle and health at the beginning of last year and decided to make some changes. Physically I feel like a different person. Happier, healthier, more confident, free of lots of the anxiety I used to carry around with me, and I’m 60lbs lighter. Weight loss wasn’t my only goal when I started out but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to get in better shape. I still have plenty of goals to achieve and a lot more hard work to do when I get back but I’m well on my way and this trip feels like a personal celebration of what I’ve achieved already.

Now I’ve ticked off all of my summer goals I’ve got one day left before I fly out to Malta and everything is eerily calm. I’ve found myself checking my to do list and feeling a bit taken aback that it’s…empty. After three months of to do lists coming out of my ears a never-ending list of tasks to work on it feels strange to have an entire day with no plans. I’ve already packed for the holiday (because of course I have…and then repacked when I was 6kg over the suitcase weight limit) so there’s nothing to do but relax. I’m going to squeeze in one last gym session, have the longest bath in the history of the universe, finish binge watching American Gods (so far, so good) and take Bertie out for a long, meandering stroll before I bid him adieu for an entire fortnight (my family are looking after him so no emotional farewell at the kennels).

After three months of mayhem stillness is feeling good. I’m glad to be back.


  1. September 6, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    Congrats Carly, it must be so fantastic to see that your hard work is paying off in so many ways! I hope you have an amazing holiday xx

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