Classic Colouring Books: Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet

Something a little bit different today! I wanted to highlight two gorgeous colouring books that hit the shelves today; they’re both based on classic literature, one on Pride and Prejudice and the other on Romeo and Juliet.

Like a lot of you, I’m a big fan of adult colouring books and love working my way through them when I’m relaxing or winding down before bed. They’re a great way to let your mind wander and have some time away from screens, and these two classic editions are the perfect way to inject a little bit of literature into your colouring time.

Packed full of lovely images and quotes from the masterpieces themselves, these two books should have pride of place on any book lover’s shelves.

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

ATLCR Fall in love with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice all over again with this elegant colouring book, featuring beautifully intricate patterns and iconic scenes to colour in. Let yourself be transported to Pemberley’s spectacular grounds and vibrant Netherfield balls, and bring to life elegant portraits of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. With handpicked quotations from the novel on every spread, this colouring book is perfect for any Jane Austen fan.




William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

ATKSXBring to life the greatest love story of all time with this sumptuous colouring book. Be transported to fair Verona where you can colour in favourite moments and characters from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This captivating colouring book features spectacular scenes, intricate patterns and iconic quotations from the original play, as well as an intriguing insight into poisons, potions and the world of the apothecary. This colouring book is a must for every Shakespeare enthusiast!

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